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Looking for a reasonably priced property close to skiing? Think Abruzzo

February 4th 2010

Many people may not know that the lesser known region of Abruzzo offers some of the biggest ski resorts in the Apennines, with hundreds of kilometres of ski runs, excellent standards of snow and well-designed state-of-the-art facilities.

Abruzzo is a mountainous land and not always on the overseas property radar but what it does offer is beautiful countryside, great coastlines, a wonderful mountain range and extremely reasonably priced property.

For buyers interested in skiing, the region offers the best of both worlds, where you can find property within 30/45 mins of the sea and the mountains! The Majella, Gran Sasso, Laga and Sirente-Velino group massifs, are just a few of the mountain ranges and offer heavy, lasting snowfall with plenty of tourist resorts and facilities.

Hundreds of kilometres of ski runs are available to snow lovers and thanks to the modern, efficient inland road network and extensive upgrading of snowplough equipment (by Italian road maintenance authorities, local authorities and ski facility management consortia), all resorts are now always easy to reach, even in the event of heavy snowfall. The motorway network (motorways A14, A24 and A25), and connecting roads, ensures the region is accessible.

The most important resort in Abruzzo is the Alto Sangro ski district, which is the biggest in the centre-south of Italy, and actually ranked seventh at national level for the number and quality of slopes and services overall. Resorts in Abruzzo include Roccaraso, Rivisondoli, Pescocostanzo, Campo Felice, Ovindoli, Campo Imperatore, Passo Godi, Scanno, Pescasseroli, Marsia, Passo San Leonardo, Passolanciano Majelletta, Pizzoferrato, Prato Selva, Monte Piselli, Prati di Tivo and Campo di Giove. The resorts are typically Italian pretty mountain villages with Coffee bars, restaurants, chalets and refuges, all sited alongside the ski slopes, where you can relax with your skis off, catch a tan from the Mediterranean sun that shines on the Abruzzo mountains.

Property Market update

The property market has not changed dramatically over the past couple of years with the trend being slow as everywhere in Italy, with properties being on the market between 6 to 9 months and often longer for unrenovated property. The only main difference is that some vendors are now slightly more flexible on taking offers.

For bargain hunters, Abruzzo really does offer exceptional value for money. A renovated property in a central area is valued approx 4000 euros per square meter, whereas a property requiring renovation is half this price, around 2000 euros per square meter. The most expensive areas are larger cities such as Pescara and the coast/proximity to the coast. The hinterland and the rural areas are less expensive with prices around 2000 euros per square meter for a renovated property and around 1000 euros for a property to renovate.

In terms of monitary values, it is still possible to purchase a village property requiring refurbishment from as little as 30,000 eur. Small farmhouses requiring renovation start from as little as 60,000 eur. Clients will certainly be able to obtain a rustic farmhouse at a fraction of the cost of neighbouring regions such as Le Marche and Umbria. The best of both world is to purchase a structurally sound property which requires refurbishment this allows you to add your own mark on the property and still be able to add value. Take a look at our current portfolio of properties in Abruzzo:

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