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Sending regular payments overseas? Start saving today...

September 28th 2008

If you are sending regular payments to Italy, you could be saving yourself hundreds of pounds a month with an simple new scheme....

Moneycorp and Homes in Italy are delighted to announce a new Regular Payments service to enable customers of Holiday Homes in Italy to make regular overseas payments. This service is available for any regular overseas payment including mortgage payments, pension payments and property maintenance.

The service uses Direct Debit in the UK to collect your Sterling and automates the payment of money abroad.

For example compared to using your bank to regularly transfer money overseas, if you are sending just 500 per month abroad, the Regular Payment Plan could save you over 400 per year. Example of transferring 500 a month overseas;

Exchange rate: 1.24 Moneycorp 1.2 Bank

Euro received p/month: 620 Moneycorp 600 Bank

Euro received p/year: 7440 Moneycorp 7200 Bank

Exchange rate saving per year in 194

Transfer fee per month: 4 Moneycorp 25 Bank

Transfer fee saving per year 252

Total Saving 446

Also, compared to banks and other foreign exchange brokers, the Moneycorp Regular Payment Plan is the only service to offer plans on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual basis for maximum flexibility.

In order to set-up your plan, or to find out more about this fantastic service from Homes in Italy and Moneycorp please contact Moneycorp on +44(0)207 589 3000 or visit:

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