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Italian renovation assistance and project management

September 9th 2008

Italy based manager, Eliana Andolfo, now offers you a flexible and complete service in Northern and Central Italy....

Renovating a property can be a frustrating and long process if you speak the language fluently but even more so when you are trying to communicate with architects and builders in their jargon!

The whole process can become painstakingly slow and it is a very time consuming experience. Vendors, architects and craftsmen must be carefully watched with much oversight. Not only, but in Italy it is more common to communicate by phone rather than email, it's part of the culture, so it may be weeks before the architect or the plumber gets back to you with a quote if you do not chase them regularly with phone calls!

Most overseas buyers who purchase property in Italy do not have the time to properly oversee a renovation on the house that they purchase. With the result that they often give up entirely and put the property back on to the market or simply decide not to buy a property needing renovation even though they feel this would be ideal for its location and features.

Italy based manager, Eliana Andolfo, can offer you a flexible and complete service in Northern and Central Italy to assist you throughout the process. Her experience in liaising with architects and builders you can involve her as much as you wish or need.

You can choose what level of service you require, this is just an example of available options:

  • A single bilingual point of contact
  • Guidance through the bureaucracy of planning permissions, when you need it and the type of planning required.
  • Finding a local architect/geometra who can submit plans for you and manage the project from the technical point of view.
  • Checking, comparing and translating quotes, finding alternative builders or suppliers.
  • Checking and translating contract with architects-builders
  • Liaising with your architect on progress and reporting issues, solutions, alternative options etc.
  • Regular on-site monitoring, taking photos of progress, reporting progress
  • Finding local suppliers for furniture or materials such as bathroom suites, tiles, flooring, doors and windows etc.
  • Accompany to suppliers offices, assistance with choice of materials, discussing products' features.
  • Organising utilities when not in place
  • The flexible service can offer you the opportunity to choose what you require, the fees go from a minimum of 50 euros / 40 (hourly rate and minimum fee) to a maximum of 350 euros / 285 a day in case of site visits. A customised quote can be provided for longer term projects.

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    £Available on request
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    2 Bedroom House in Liguria (Italian Riviera)

    £141,026 / €165,000
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    4 Bedroom Farmhouse in Emilia Romagna

    £94,017 / €110,000
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    1 Bedroom Townhouse in Tuscany

    £55,556 / €65,000
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