Property to buy in Tuscany, Umbria, Le Marche and northern lakes.
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Useful Tips On Buying In Italy

Establish your budget
Make sure that you have taken into consideration the full purchase costs of the property before entering into a contract. Make sure that you have factored renovation costs and property maintenance into your budget

Allocate time
If you are going to combine viewing with a planned holiday, make sure that allocate enough time for each as the discovery of your ideal home should not be rushed. Check for public holidays in Italy - we will advise you of these.

Be mobile
A car is a must if you want to get around the region and visit a number of properties. Book in the UK as it is usually much cheaper.

Take viewings seriously
Always view the properties personally. Allow sufficient time when visiting, especially between appointments. Always check distances before setting off. Homes in Italy will organise your itinerary for you to help you use your time more effectively when in the market. Please be punctual for appointments as agents and proprietors will be waiting for you. Be honest with the agent if you are not pleased with the properties. If you prefer, we can feedback on your behalf. Take a camera, tape measure and note pad. Homes in Italy will provide you with a property checklist. Take a dictionary also in case the owner or agent do not speak English (we will advise beforehand if this is the case). Always view more than one property as a benchmark - you would do this in the UK.

Carefully select location
It is important to establish the type of location that you are interested in, do you want to be isolated? Near local amenities? Close to major road connections? If you are going to rent, make sure that your target market will be prepared to travel to the accommodation Stay in an area for a couple of days to familiarise yourself with the surroundings. Visit the location during the day and night. Visit the local shops, bars, if applicable.

Be realistic
If you are looking for a property that requires renovation, be realistic about timescales and cost. We can provide you with details on local architects, builders, surveyors, etc.

Don't rush a decision
Don't sign anything unless advised by Homes in Italy to ensure that you are protected as you enter the buying process. Sleep on a decision or discuss it over evening dinner as this is going to be a big step in your life.

Don't be afraid to ask
If there is something about the property that is worrying you, then don't hesitate to ask directly to the owner or agent or alternatively through Homes in Italy.

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2 Bedroom Farmhouse in Le Marche

£55,556 / €65,000
click for details about 2 Bedroom Farmhouse in Le Marche

2 Bedroom House in Liguria (Italian Riviera)

£141,026 / €165,000
click for details about 2 Bedroom House in Liguria (Italian Riviera)

3 Bedroom Villa in Puglia

£Available on request
click for details about 3 Bedroom Villa in Puglia

4 Bedroom Farmhouse in Emilia Romagna

£94,017 / €110,000
click for details about 4 Bedroom Farmhouse in Emilia Romagna